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Heemhuys provides high quality child care for children between 0 and 13 years old. Heemhuys welcomes children from all backgrounds, religions and ideologies. Our unique concept combines a safe and restful home away from home with professional pedagogical principles. Our vision is to care for children in a warm, homelike environment and to let every child's own unique development process come to fruition in its own, playful time. Heemhuys' vision is inspired by the antroposofical ideas of Rudolph Steiner and has evolved into a professional pedagogical concept with an emphasis on providing lots of room for the uniqueness of every child.

Being a child and becoming a person are one. Children evoke a deep love in us and they teach us a great deal. They live in the present and bring spontaneity, wonderment and sometimes even new perspectives in our lives. The endless questions and challenges that children pursue and confront us with – sometimes when we least expect it! – show us time and again that everyone should be allowed to develop continuously and autonomously.

Our mission: Heemhuys is a professional, learning organization that provides high quality child care for children between the ages of 0 and 13 years old.
We try to emulate the daily routine children experience at home as much as possible. This means daily walks, rest and attention whenever needed, organic food and cosy domestic security. This security is enhanced by the small scale of every Heemhuys and the fact that the children are able to bond with the staff because the same person is always there.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we keep developing ourselves. An inquisitive attitude towards the way each child in our care develops, the continuous expansion of our pedagogical knowledge through our own Heemhuys Academy and above all a healthy self-refection nurture our professional ability continuously – after all, nobody is ever done learning!

Our staff contributes to the joint raising of their charges by sharing their observations of the children with the parents very regularly. The small scale of the individual Heemhuysen also facilitates the sharing of educational highs and lows between parents.
All our staff have a degree in childcare and have additionally completed Heemhuys' own educational program. This program, developed by Heemhuys Academy, teaches Heemhuys' pedagogical methods and essential entrepreneurial skills.

General Terms and Conditions fo Childcare

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